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WARNING: This Product Contains Nicotine. Nicotine is an addictive chemical.



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Our Core Value

Transparency. It is something our company feels strongly about. We have designed Break Time Vape with customer service as our main priority.

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Gird List
  • Aqua - Flow (60ml)

    Aqua - Flow (60ml)


    Aqua - Flow (60ml) Flow E-Liquid by Aqua E-Juice is a delicious tropical fruit combination of sweet pineapple with juicy mango and a hit of guava to balance the flavor. Core...

  • Aqua - Mist (60ml)

    Aqua - Mist (60ml)


    Aqua - Mist (60ml) Mist E-Juice is one of the four new flavors from the Aqua line of juices. Mist combines the three fruits of fresh green apples, juicy peaches, and sweet kiwi to create a mouthwatering mix of fruits. On...

  • Aqua - Oasis (60ml)

    Aqua - Oasis (60ml)


    Aqua - Oasis (60ml) Oasis E-Liquid by Aqua E-juice is a refreshing fruit blend with succulent cantaloupe mixed with sweet peaches with a slight hint of papaya. Core...

  • Aqua - Pure (60ml)

    Aqua - Pure (60ml)


    Aqua - Pure (60ml) Aqua E-Juice is a new series that features a unique mix of three fruits in each flavor. Pure is one of the three mixes by Aqua E-Juice, a sweet trifecta fruit mix of fresh strawberries, juicy...

  • Aqua - Rainbow Drops (60ml)

    Aqua - Rainbow Drops (60ml)


    Aqua - Rainbow Drops (60ml) Aqua has changed up their e-juice game, as a result comes Rainbow Drops from Aqua. Utilizing their amazing talent for producing great tasting fruit mixtures, they threw in a new challenger into...

  • Aqua Salts - Flow (30 ml)

    Aqua Salts - Flow (30 ml)


    Aqua Salts - Flow (30ml) Flow by Aqua Salts brings you all the original flavor of Flow from their original Aqua line into a new salt nicotine formula, allowing anyone to enjoy the Flow flavor with no compromises...

  • Aqua Salts - Mist (30ml)

    Aqua Salts - Mist (30ml)


    Aqua Salts - Mist (30ml) Mist by Aqua Salts is the perfect flavor for those summer days where you need some tropical in your life. Get all the tropical flavors of the original Mist from Aqua in their new salt nicotine...

  • Aqua Salts - Oasis (30ml)

    Aqua Salts - Oasis (30ml)


    Aqua Salts - Oasis (30ml) Oasis by Aqua Salts, is the next closest thing to an actual oasis in your mouth. With a flavorful mix of peaches, cantaloupes, and papayas, Oasis will leave your mouth watering and wanting more...

  • Aqua Salts - Pure (30ml)

    Aqua Salts - Pure (30ml)


    Aqua Salts - Pure (30ml) Let Pure from Aqua Salts take you on a refreshing tour of fresh strawberry, mouthwatering watermelon, and sweet and tart apple to indulge all your taste buds. Pure of the Aqua Salts line has the...

  • Aqua Salts - Rainbow Drops (30 ml)

    Aqua Salts - Rainbow Drops (30 ml)


    Aqua Salts - Rainbow Drops (30ml) Rainbow Drops by Aqua Salts is a conglomeration of different fruits into one, creating a sweet candy mix. Making it a great way to taste every color of the rainbow. Rainbow Drops by Aqua...

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